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November 01, 2008


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shanna murray

thank you for this. i am so glad you've created this space.


This is such a beautiful way to tie craft to peace action throughout the world. Thank you.

rachel Fannin

this is so wonderful. thank you for doing this.


this is so right, thank you for launching such an incredible project. i'm really speechless, though i look forward to my hands getting busy. many blessings, my friend. xo

Tiffany Briggs

Thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring website!


This is a wonderful idea, thank you so much for bringing it to life. I'm only a wanna-be mama at the moment, but I will still do my part to help.


Beautiful. I feel as though I am invited to hold hands with generous, talented women and then play for a higher purpose... making what we can and sharing. Thank you for creating this place and giving us an opportunity to help.


Thanks for this beautiful and powerful project. I know what I'll be doing this morning.


Beautiful. I feel as though I am invited to hold hands with generous, talented women and then play for a higher purpose... making what we can and sharing. Thank you for creating this place and giving us an opportunity to help.


thank you for creating yet another wonderful resource for the mamas of the world.

Catherine C. Schwartz

Thank you for creating this website... what a great way for us mamas to connect as well as be helpful.


This is such an inspired idea! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to use our crafting skills for a higher purpose.


Thank you Amanda for starting this! Having birthed my first baby just a few months ago I have been looking for a way to help other women welcome their babies peacefully and safely. I can't wait to start sewing! Blessings


I hope you have warned your post office... ;-)


what a perfectly beautiful idea, amanda. creating this space where we all, as crafting mamas, can come together and help other mamas. thank you!


I am so happy that you have started this. Thank you for giving me another way to make another change in the world.



Beautiful! There is so much we can do in this world, each with our own gifts and talents.

In the name of Crafty Mamas who do so much good with their talents, I have to mention this blog- by Joyce- that has sent over $10,000 in aid to Darfur.

All the best to you and your family,


What a wonderful idea, to expand our hearts with craft.

Kelly Myers

Amanda, as a long time (and usually silent) daily reader of Soule Mama, I found myself struck with awe when I discovered your newest endeavor this morning. Thank you for the wonderful thing you are doing here.

I have fours sons and over the years I have been involved with making pregnancy, prenatal care, and birth, safer (through options, choices and networking). I have never contributed to women using my craft in this area. I look forward to being apart of this project and feeling the support and community of a band of sisterhood with sisters I do not even "know".

Thank you Amanda. You have taken my breath away.


I was just talking to my mama yesterday about finding a volunteer project for the kids and I now that we are homeschooling. And here you are! Your creativity and warm heart are inspiring more than you know. Thank you for sharing your life! Looking forward to seeing the new little one!


This is fantastic, Amanda! Thank you for all the work you've done on this. So impressive.


what a phenomenal project and such a perfect time for it.

this type of crafting has been on my heart for some time, and about 90% of how i craft could be considered craftivism. i truly believe we can change the world one baby hat at a time, and so i'm excited to see how this community grows and affects the world!

martha miller

Terrific, Amanda!

I've passed this link along to many more woman who I'm certain will be interested in helping!



As we head into the holidays and into an election - the feeling always comes that things could and should be better. Thank you again for working hard to make our world better.


You can count on my support in any way I am able. It's a wonderful idea and I feel certain that the masses of talented and creative people who I've met along my internet journeys will overwhelm you with their generosity.

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