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November 13, 2008


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Debbie R

Dear Amanda,
I love this project and I really want to help. However, each time I try to download the pdf for the caps it won't come up. I am not sure why. This project seems simple enough but I am quite the novice. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.



Debbie -

Do you have Adobe Acrobat Reader? You need that to open the file. It's free, and can be downlaoded here:

I'm not sure what other advice I have about how to open the file - that's definitely not my area of expertise. ;-)

But you are welcome to make the cap from a different pattern, another source, or to make one up on your own if that's helpful! It should just fit a newborn size head.

I hope that helps! Thanks, Debbie, for trying!!!




This project is amazing. Juat wanted to add to this bullet point from your post:

"....If you have a pile of receiving blankets you no longer need, perhaps they could be cut and pieced together to create something new!"

I'm sure folks could also find some local babies in need who could use these receiving blankets that are no longer needed.

Blessings to you.

Brooke Gustafson

Great project with great intentions! I love it. I really don't want to clean the house, so this is a great excuse!


This is so fantastic. I am going on a mission trip to Africa to work with AIDS children and this would be a wonderful project to do with my mother-in-law (who was a missionary for a long time) to have something helpful and easy to pack to take to the hospital.


What a great idea. I have made a blanket this afternoon with fabric from the thrift shop and an old sheet. Still a novice at sewing so it's a little wonky but I hope it will be ok. It will be on its way from Australia to you very soon. x


I just posted about our afternoon spent making caps and blankets. I'll put them in the mail today.


I make receiving blankets. I have some ready to go but they are 34/35" x 36/38". They vary a little bit. Should I still send them in?


I love the idea of contributing, but I am about a week away from having a baby (and find my schedule pretty packed). Will you be doing this again with another deadline, or is this our last chance to contribute to this particular cause?

tonia mayton

i really like this project and am putting together a few. using my husband's old t-shirts. he likes that.


I loved this project the moment I saw it, I have 6 month old twin boys so I made some to test on them and they turned out wonderful and I can't imagine not having things for my babies, it makes me sad to think of those new little babies without hats or blankets. So, I proposed to the young women in our church that they make these for your Caps project. They will be working on them but we won't be able to send them off until the 12th of December, so I hope late is better than never because we really want to help.

Jennifer Tyler

My book club donated the t-shirts , I'm doing the sewing. Thank you for giving us this project. It's so easy and makes such cute hats. And, I love watching the cap counter go up every day! WOW! I wish I could hold every little person that wears one of these caps, I hope the mamalove comes through!


Could you make a mama to mama, link picture thing (not sure what you call it) that we could put on our blog to advertise this spot?


I am so glad to find this mama to mama. I will try to get some off to you before the deadline. Will you do another shipment at a later date? Thanks for your efforts.

April M.

What do you get for the expecting mama that has everything...a blanket for her charity.

I just shipped my blanket off today!


I found you through my friend's blog, ouryellowhouse, and though I don't have a lot of sewing experience, i will make a couple of these.
Thanks for your blog.

Shannon Staker

I have a few questions. I make baby wraps which are used to swaddle babies. You can see them at my website. I make them out of fleece. Is this something that you could use. I would LOVE to donate some. And I have alot of hats on their way from our elementary school service project!!! Thanks, [email protected]

Ellie Schoffelmeer

Love your wonderful idea and get up and go to actually DO it.

Will be making some receiving blankets, however, as I am in NZ they will not be arriving in time for the deadline.

Hopefully they will come in handy for next year's batch



i just found out about this and am so thrilled...this project touches my heart because my sister just had premature twins and they too need little hats and blankets. i know how essential those are to their health and well being. also, i have been making blankets like crazy for everyone i know! they are so fun to make! and now i can make them for little ones who need them. i am going to work on some and try to get them to you by the deadline! thank you for organizing this. it's beautiful.

Eva Doukaki

Can you provide an alternative address -with street address and number- so that I can send some caps from Greece? The thing is that I don't trust the local post (they tend to lose packages) and no courier service accepts delivery to a PO Box.



Eva - I'm so sorry - I do not have a physical mailing address we can use for this - only the Post Office box! But I have received a few packages from Greece, so I wonder if there is another way around the issue?



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