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November 01, 2008


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This is just beautiful. It will be a lovely project for our family to work on together as we celebrate and are thankful for all that we have in our lives.


What a beautiful idea..... you'll be creating such a fine gathering of women and mothers.

This is a great project for my Mother who isn't able to get out and volunteer physically. I'll be printing this pattern out for her today and will gather up out old soft t-shirts and will make a delivery!


My brother-in-law and sister-in-law just moved to Haiti to do missionary work. I will get sewing asap!!
Love your idea Amanda.


These projects are so brilliant for us. The kids love to learn about far away lands in the real, hard world and we can do something without leaving the house which is difficult with 3 young children.

As soon as i show this to the kids they'll be running for t shirts!



Last spring my husband took a military trip to Iqaluit, a mostly Inuit town way up north, to do a military exercise. As I puttered at my sewing machine, I wondered about their crafters, then I wondered if they might need or want anything from our big city of abundant stuff as I knew that supplies (let alone fresh produce) were hard to come by up there. A few emails later I discovered through the mayor that the youth centre would love socks of all things as many of the kids showed up to programs with threadbare socks or none at all. This is in a community that has lots and lots of snow for most of the year! So, I got on the phone asking the 'wives' to spread the word to throw a couple of socks in with their husbands luggage (and some craft supplies would be pretty cool too) and my husband would collect it all once they got up there. One simple little idea resulted in this:
I look forward to watching your idea grow.


a beautiful reflection of what you're all about, amanda. and thank you so very much for including Nest.

off to find some t-shirts.....


Thank you for creating this connection.

I am onboard for this and future projects!

Christy in OH

this is an excellent idea! and one that the mama's here in our area have adopted as well for a few years. The wife of the President of our local christian college teaches any interested students how to knit little caps. Young men too! :0) have volunteered. Premie caps are knit and sent to midwives who go down to Haiti and other areas. Its amazing how many babies die just from exposure in the first 24 hours. The little caps literally save lives! God Bless the midwives, and anyone who makes and sends these little blessings a hat.

Ellie - Petalplum

Thank you for a simple reminder that we are all connected. Mama to Mama is a perfect name, for an amazing project - heart to heart.

And this little baby cap pattern is really simple enough for us all, that there isn't much excuse to not make many.


Yes - What a great idea and a way to give people an idea of where to start and get involved! Way to make it happen!


I can't wait to get started on some of these to mail off to you! Thanks for creating this site!


we'll be making some and sending them your way. :)


This is such a beautiful idea, a truly inspiring read to wake up to on a Monday morning.

My friend and I were discussing how perfect a project this would be for the dozens of t-shirts we've bought over the last 4 years of college - shirts for every campus event that rarely ever get worn again. Now, it seems, they will serve a much greater purpose.


I've been a volunteer with the Linus Connection (our Austin version of Project Linus) for years now and really enjoy it but I'm always in search of new opportunities to help. I've long felt there needs to be more focus on "craftisvism" (though I certainly didn't know the word!) in the crafty mama blog world. There is certainly no better person to get the ball rolling than you, Amanda. You are a force. Thank you and good luck!


Count us in!! I will use this as an intro sewing lesson for my boys (and girl)! I love that it is recycling and quick and easy (since I'm not much of a knitter but am a sewer); I love that they will be so very well used. I anticipate a flood of mail to your house the coming weeks, amanda... hope you are ready! Thanks for the opportunity to make a difference.


oh, amanda. this is perfect in every way. thank you, thank you.


What a great idea and wonderful project to get involved in.


Thank you for organizing such a wonderful project! I will get to sewing and pass on the info to my crafty friends as well!


Thank you for organizing this project. The Haitian people are often in my thoughts as I have a cousin who adopted a beautiful Haitian boy. I am excited to participate in your project by making some hats. Acts of kindness, hats made of love, thoughts of others who have less, being thankful for the bounty in our own lives, it is amazing to see the power of simple acts of love and I look forward to seeing your project develop.
Thanks Again,


Haiti sustained damage from several hurricanes this past hurricane season. One whole town was encased in mud and many other areas were completely wiped out. This project has special resonance with me, since I live in the New Orleans area. Thanks for the opportunity to help women and children in Haiti.

Emily/ Five Flowers

Oh, I can't wait to help! Thank you for this opportunity.


I'm in. I will send the link to my daughter who is a college freshman and is really into DIY t-shirt re-purposing. I really believe that so many people want to help others, they just don't know where to start. Thanks for the opportunity.


I am so excited to show this to my 4 daughters. What a great opportunity for them/me to share our crafty skills to help others.Sharing the domestic art from country to country.

Oh I love this!


My goodness...this morning my thought was "what can I give today?" And just a bit later I found your new blog...I found a maternity shirt of mine in the back of the closet from years ago...what better way to repurpose a maternity shirt than for a newborn?! I just made my first one and it only took about 10 minutes. Thanks for the inspiration and the simplicity.

I linked to you today in my blog and also sent out your new blog link to my Holistic Moms Network group and encouraged them to send it to any birth loops they are on!


How awesome! and I just cleaned the boys t-shirt drawer out and set them aside to think of something to do with them!! Off to download and make hats..
thanks Amanda for this great work.

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