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November 01, 2008


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count me in! My husband is from Haiti, so naturally it is very close to our family's hearts. Thanks for spreading the love!!!

Jennifer D.

I think this project is a wonderful idea! Unfortunately, I was only introduced to your website today (a few days after the Oct. 31st deadline). Are you still looking for caps?


i'm going to give one a try, and if it's successful, i'm in. i love this idea.


FABULOUS! I cannot wait to help :)


I just sent out a small package of nine caps yesterday, which I made over the weekend. Thanks so much for the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful project. It felt so good to know that what I was crafting would help other mamas...


This is beautiful, Amanda. My little sewers and I will get to work right away!


Thanks for this great opportunity to get involved Amanda! I posted about it on my blog a few days ago. My caps should be on their way by the end of the week. :)


I'm excited to be able to make a knit hat since I don't have a sewing machine, but wanted to participate in this! I don't have a free pattern but there's a lovely newborn hat pattern in Louisa Harding's "Natural Knits for Babies and Moms".

Robin Gailunas

I'm so excited. I just got a serger (early christmas present) and a big bag of too big shirts.

One question, do they have to be to you by the 10th?



I mailed some stuff the other day, and I posted about it on my blog:



As a nurse midwife and mom to almost 16 children (14 bio and adopted, and two more on their way from Liberia,) this project struck an immediate NEED CHORD in my heart! My 7, 9 and 12year old daughters and I have had so much fun working on baby caps together. They are throughly enjoying seeing some of their too small t-shirts transformed into new caps. One of our older daughters spent a summer working at an orphanage in Haiti some years so we already had a love for Haitian people. This project was a great way to sew ( and SOW) our love of Haiti and babies into the hearts of our SE Asian and Bio American children's hearts.


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