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December 16, 2008


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Please don't send them out until you receive my package as well :-) It's not that my caps are so terrific or that many, it's that I've been trying so hard not to lose the deadline (if you see my other comments and e-mails, you'll understand why!) Anyway, it's sooo nice that this project had such a great response; can't wait for the next one.


Yay! Can't wait to hear the grand total! :)


Just saw this post and my package is already on it's way to you through Priority Mail so hopefully it will get there in time.

There is a little something in there for Harper also so be sure not to send it all off. :-)

It was fun to participate. Thanks for putting this together!


My package ended up living in my car for the last few days as I somehow managed to not make it to the post office during regular hours for days at a time. It's so late, but I sent it off today priority mail, so if you haven't already bundled everything else up then I hope my blankets make their way in. I was trying so, so hard to make it by the official deadline. Rare is the day when the baby falls asleep and I actually make it to my sewing room!


I know you're resting and catching up on much needed rest with a new babe in the house, and enjoying the quiet of the holiday aftermath, but this is killing me. *grins* I am soooo curious as to the final count. No pressure.....I'm just curious. Happy New Year


This has been amazing! Sadly I was unable to join in with this, so I'm glad to hear there will be more things coming! This is a wonderful thing you have organized. :)

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