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January 08, 2009


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5523 little caps! Amazing. We're so glad to have been a small part of such a wonderful project. Thanks for the opportunity. :-)


Wow! I agree with the first post, it is so amazing to be such a small part of something so great. I look forward to the updates.


Wow, I look at that number, and I think. We did a lot, and it's just a little shy of one percent. THAT'S SO COOL! This project made me snuggle my baby a little closer, and as I thought of the heads those caps would cover, I had to kiss on his head.


What a great number!!
When me and my children were making our small contribution (13), we were fantasizing a little bit that in 30 or 40 years we would see the new president of Haiti showing the hat that she (or he) had gotten as a baby and that we would then see one of our hats. You never know...
I'm looking forward to the next project!


that's a lot of warm babies! wonderful project, soulemama.


there are good people in the world.

you are at the top of the list.

this made my day.



5523! wow!

Looking forward to read the stories to be shared!

congratulations to everyone conributed!


Just amazing what one ask can do, eh? Amanda, thank you for being the vessel that this blessing used to touch mamas in Haiti.


i never dreamed the total count would be that many! i second the comment above mine - wonderful project, soulemama!


I am simply blown away at that number! Good job EVERYONE -- what blessings you have bestowed!!


even though I didn't par-take, this makes me smile!


Wow, I never thought it would be that many, but I am so glad it is! Congratulations and thank you for hosting such a success! I am sure momma's of Haiti will be so blessed!
It totally gave me chills to see so much love produced at such a busy time of year for others...


Wow--how amazing! Thank you for sharing the photographs of the project. I can't wait to share them with my family today!

I blogged about the hat-making in our home here:

Thank you, again, for extending this opportunity to us all.


It was so relaxing and joyful to sit and cut and sew and turn these hats. Thinking of the final destination. Thank you!

Sarah S.

Wow! That is all I can say!



What a number! So glad to have contributed my three caps.


Omigosh...you must of been gushing.


That is amazing! That mama-to-mama will do wonderful things is clear!


What a number!
I am so glad that you decided to start this project Amanda.
What a great way to help out.
I blogged my hats here

Account Deleted

and i'm crying at work. what a tremendous thing you have done. and once again, it can be said that crafters changed the world.


I will repeat what I wrote in the note that was sent with my little caps and blankets.
"Thank you for the honor of being able to help and child/family in need." I too thought about the little heads that would be warmed and it brought back such wonderful memories of when my children were born. Looking forward to the next project. Thank you so very much Amanda for your time and effort. Congratulations to all involved...amazing.

Sara Hawkridge

Thank you amanda for the opportunity to join in this collective effort. I have a little girl (13 months) and had to have an emergency c-section to have her, instead if the calm home birth I'd planned. When I think of all the mamas across the world that don't have the possiblity of the hospital care that I got in the UK, I am overwhelmed by the scale of that need and feel there is nothing that 'I' can do. Your project has reminded me that we can all do a little something. I only made 3 hats...a little something.... but that's ok because together with everyone else it makes a really big something. I will try and make 2009 the year that I keep on doing a little something!


Mama Urchin

Wow, I knew there would be a lot but wow.

The hats I sent were made from shirts gathered by my daisy girl scout troop (5 kindergarten girls). If anyone wants they can read more about it on my blog: http://mamaurchin.com/2008/12/09/have-you-sent-your-hats

Thanks Amanda for being such an inspiration.

Launi Anderson

So wonderful--so compassionate. What a great heart you have to think of such a thing. My readers loved it too.


Thank you for this...


Never, ever did I think the count would be this high. I've been curious, but had no idea. Wow, well done everyone. Fabulous inspiration for what we can do collectively - one at a time. Thank you Amanda. Can't wait for the next ask.


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