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January 08, 2009


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Laughing Duck

Oh shucks! I just finished my 6 hats and was looking up your address...Is it too late to send you more?

Claudia PAS Bjørgum

Amazing job Amanda.


Wow! I am stunned...Thank you for having such a wonderful idea (and the organizational skills to put it all together--in the middle of Christmas and a new baby no less). I blogged about cap-making here: http://remainsofday.blogspot.com/2008/12/caps.html


Wow! I am stunned...Thank you for having such a wonderful idea (and the organizational skills to put it all together--in the middle of Christmas and a new baby no less). I blogged about cap-making here: http://remainsofday.blogspot.com/2008/12/caps.html


i was sad to miss out on this project. I so enjoyed working on nest! I can't wait to see what the next project is!

tonia mayton

i agree, we should do this again sometime. how wonderfully special to contribute to such a moment as this - birth. i think this will change lives, literally.


The count is amazing. I'm also inspired by the way you used this project to educate your children on so many things from math to geography to reading and beyond...what fabulous real life learning, creating hearts open to giving and gratitude. Well done, mama.


wow! thank you amanda, i've just got back into sewing and doing something useful with it is a great way to begin. i blogged about my little effort ... http://ladychouette.blogspot.com/
thank you again x


What an amazing result! I feel blessed to have been a small part of it. Thank you for the huge heart you have in creating such a blessing to others. I was also overjoyed to see the caps I made in your photograph :) I'm glad they made it your way!


Wow, I am so proud to have been a part of this. The hats I made were done while holding my 6 month old. I was super determined to help out and I miraculously found a way to sew with the help of my four year old pushing the pedal. It was a family effort!




Amanda, your wrap-up post made me cry. And I never cry. So much amazing energy, from so many incredible people, went into this project. I thank you so much for organizing all of this, and all of us. I did mention my involvement - however small of an involvement it was - at the bottom of this post: http://thedandeliontrail.blogspot.com/2008/12/early-december.html

Thank you again.

Mitzi Zohar

What a wonderful project, and thanks for the simple instructions. I always wondered where the tiny hats that my babies wore in teh NICU came from. Congratulations, and please check out my blog for instructions for a simple preemie blanket.

I look forward to hearing about your next project.


I am happy that so many contributed! I hope my 5 little hats will make a difference.


I am so glad I impulsively joined in on this project. I made a dozen or so and now I'm part of a really wonderful happening! Thank you so much for the phenomenal work your whole family put into it. God Bless!


That is a LOT of hats. How fabulous. I blogged bout making our hats here


Maybe by the time you organize this again I'll have learned how to knit a cap (still at the scarf and leg warmers level.)

What an awesome project!!!

Congratulations and Great Blessings to everyone who participated.



It was an honour to contribute to this project. I'll be checking back regularly for the next mama-to-mama project.


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