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January 08, 2009


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I have tears in my eyes... what a wonderful project.


That is amazing!

I really enjoyed making the caps. I loved that they were simple and could be worked on whenever I had a few minutes. I also involved my 6yo son by asking him to choose a few shirts that he no longer wore to be made into caps.

Thanks for all your efforts to bring this project together Amanda! Can't wait to see what's next. :)


Wow, so many hats! I just found out about Mama to Mama. I would love to participate in whatever is coming next! I can't wait...



I posted on your soulmama blog, but I want to say it again, THANK YOU! My baby girl is from Haiti, and we are full aware of the desperate need and every single hat will help a child.
So thank you from my family!

Jennie F.

This makes me so happy! As a mother, I can't imagine not having something as simple as a hat for my new baby. I hope these hats are a blessing to all those new mothers and their sweet babies.

Can't wait for our next project!



And THIS is why I blog!


WOW!! i can and i can't (at the same time, you know) believe how many hats flooded your house! congratulations to everyone! well done. i too, am proud of such an effort by one and all.


What an incredible number of hats. I was one of the mamas sewing with a baby on her lap, and I tried each one on my wee one's head before sending them off, infusing them with some sweet baby goodness, imagining the little heads they would keep warm. This was such a wonderful project. (not to mention the joy my inner packrat got from turning all those old shirts I'd been hoarding into something new and special. "See?" she said, "It is a good thing you never throw anything out!")


What a gift and what a medium, to pull together so many people over the Internet to contribute to one good project!




What an awesome story of how a few can touch the lives of many. I'm sure the mamas of these babies will feel the love that went into these hats!


Amazing! Thank you Amanda and I will be there for the next project!
To see my post (french blog from Quebec, Canada): http://tchoubi.blogspot.com/2008/11/cap-to-cap-haitien.html


this made me have tears ... and itching to knit for charity! (as i don't sew ... YEt) ... thanks amanda.


How wonderful. What a beautiful thing to do! thank you!


Hi Amanda, Thanks for the inspiration. I didn't participate in your project, but have been making your hats for my 15yo dd and dh to take with them in August when they go on a mission trip to Haiti. We're also making up a bunch of one-seam shorts for the kiddos there.
God Bless You and your family,


This was such a sweet project. My people loved it too...



WOW! That is amazing! What a wonderful way to help others :)


As a new expecting mom (although I wasn't telling anyone at the point I was making the hats), this project affected me a lot. I had numerous contributions from coworkers who wanted to do their part to help. I'm glad that we could do something to bless these mothers. Thank you for organizing this. :)




Melissa R

Simply amazing. What a wonderful lesson for your children to experience. How can we think the world is horrid when things like this happen in corners across the world. Magical.


wow, that is touching. what a great project!!!


Beautiful. What a resounding success!!

PS. Speaking of latest counts, you need to update your latest count of little ones in the sidebar here to 4 ;)


5523 caps, that is amazing.
I'm glad you will keep us updated as they make it to their final destination.

This project is so wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it. Because you asked I wrote on my blog (I'm NOT used to saying "my blog") about what it meant to me http://beresjiet.blogspot.com/2009/01/dag-4-mama-to-mama.html


holy smokes, amanda! what an outpouring of support you've kindled!

in making the caps i felt a connection between myself, my daughter and the mamas and babes that will be the recipients. i touched on it here: http://clothpaperstring.typepad.com/clothpaperstring/2008/11/inside-and-out-reminders.html

today, seeing the sum of our collective efforts, i now feel a connection to all of the other mamas who stitched up a cap.

so many thanks for connecting mamas in so many ways. i can't wait to see what's to come.


GASP! Thanks for letting us be a part of this project. It was my first time trying to sew jersey, not without some choice words for my sewing machine. But there is something about the rhythm of sewing (when it's feeding well) to get you thinking...and I thought not just about tiny baby heads, but about my grandmother who would so appreciate the idea of reusing old clothing to help others. Projects like this and those in your book make me realize just how much her depression-era ethics have shaped my world view. Great job!


WOW - What an amazing number! I am so proud to be able to be a part of this amazing project. And...can't wait to see what is next :)

You can read how this project went at my house - and how my wee one helped here:

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