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March 25, 2009


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Ann Freeman

I think this is a real neat idea.

Jennie C.

The Goods 4 Girls link isn`t working properly. :(


hi there!
Just a thought for future projects?... maybe art smocks to support the arts in public schools? I used to be an art educator in nyc and sadly every couple of years "art" gets pushed further and further away from the curriculum... and budgets are so extremely low for those that do support art in their school.


I'm excited to see what will be next!


I loved the international angle last time. And the internet provided such a unique engine for global change! Just a thought. I'll stay tuned!


We are adopting our third child from Ethiopia, the agency we are with works with 3 orphanages, and there is great need for clothing, blankets, etc of all sizes. If you'd like to coordinate something there, you can email me :o)


I am going to do this one....it seems like a good cause...http://www.newbornsinneed.org/


I am early anticipating your next project. I've worked on a sewing sanitary napkin kits for Sudanese girls ( a project my church spearheaded a few years ago). We're getting ready to head to Sudan in a few weeks, and in addition to taking the pad kits, we're also picking up a sewing machine in Kenya, in hopes that a cottage industry might be borne.

I am eager to get involved with your next big thing!


I am also looking forward to participating this time around, especially since I got a new sewing machine for Christmas. I was just browsing through Sewing Green and the bag project caught my eye as an easy way for families to teach many lessons at once and actively participate in the process. I also would love to do a simple blanket project for babies that my children could participate in as well. So many ideas!! Thanks for all that you do!


Any new momma to momma. I read Melissa's blog today (http://livingproofministries.blogspot.com/2009/04/how-do-you-like-my-house.html

And I feel like I really need to do something!

Kristin Greenlee

I think the organization Miracle Diapers (http://www.miraclediapers.org/donate.html)is a worth cause. They make sure families in need are loaned the diapers they need. In addition to cloth diapers they need covers and even simple fabric square wipes (anyone can do that!). Helping people AND the environment! They have a waiting list NOW of babies in need!

jenn grant

hello! i am new to this blog and i am soooo excited to have found it! i am def in for the next project! Cant wait to see what it is and i will be passing this info and blog on to my friends! :)

Shannon (aka Lyneya)

It's fate! I haven't seen this page on your site before even though I've been stopping by your blog for years! I've had a project whirlwind into existence just this week. I know the goals can be reached, but in order to allow me times to sleep in the next six months, I need to rally the crafty troops! We've got two patterns for dolls for a group of orphans in Uganda. One cloth and one knit. I designed the cloth doll and the knit pattern is an adorable gnome donated by a fellow etsian!!

Here's the info: http://lyneya.wordpress.com/amazima-dolls/


Shannon (aka Lyneya)

ps. The plan if we get significantly higher than our goal is to donate to similar programs working with Ugandan orphans.

Virginia Spencer

I have a suggestion for a future craft. I am stationed on a military base that is very active. We have all branches of the military here and parents deploying regularly. I know that these kids, mine included, would love to have a snuggly quilt to wrap themselves in when daddy or mommy is away. I would gladly be a part of the distribution efforts as well. Over 100 homes a mile from base has recently burned down as well, so not only are kids loosing parents and missing parents for 4-18 months at a time, they also have lost homes recently. I have my contact info attached and it is sevenswansaswimming @ yahoo.com if you are interested. Thanks! And thank you for having the military article in your favorites, it is hard to be a military wife when the general public doesnt support our husbands who sacrifice so much for everyone's protection. Military members have their own political views too, seperate from their job, it is just hard to see that sometimes! And yes, my husbands job, working on the radar systems on planes, is art to him! :)

Emily Perry

I was just listening to NPR, and they were talking about how there is still high infant mortality in Nepal due to hyperthermia (among other reasons, of course), and I was thinking this would be a good location to do a hat project. I am currently looking for contact organizations doing this kind of work. Let me know if you are interested... & thank you this great site!




I know we always think of babies, but as someone who works for the Alzheimer Society I would love to see some lap quilts/blankets for those living in long term care, especially close to end of life, it would be a big comfort when your mind, your health and your family have all gone.

Love the site, amazing work!

Jennifer Harris

I volunteer for Project Linus, they are easy to work with and there are chapters in almost every state. This could take some of the burden off you for tally and shipping. Each volunteer could contact their local chapter to donate.

taller 4 idiots

loved the international angle last time. And the internet provided such a unique engine for global change! Just a thought. I'll stay tuned!

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